Abel Components Hardwired Locker Harnesses $99

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Abel Components Hardwired Locker Harnesses $99

Post by Retired BLM Rig » Sun Feb 14, 2021 1:40 pm

Abel Components Hardwired Locker Harnesses $99
This option is for someone that has a dead SmartBar system and just wants to get their lockers working again as inexpensively as possible. Just unplug your factory axle connectors and cap them off with the included waterproof caps. Plug in the new harnesses and route them to your own switches or switch module. There is no cutting or splicing of factory wires. This will work on any year of Power Wagon. The only thing that would hinder this from working is if you have a faulty locker actuator inside the axle housing.


You can install these harnesses on a functioning system, but it will result in flashing indicator lights on your factory switch and a "Service Lockers" message in the instrument cluster.

I don't provide switches, because there are so many to choose from and each person has there own preference. Make sure the switches you choose have at least a 10 amp rating. You can incorporate relays if you want, but it's really not necessary, because the lockers only pull about 7 amps each.

Another option is to use a switch module, here are some options to consider starting with the least expensive first. They all come with custom labels for lockers and sway bar (except for the sPOD which is a programmable touch screen):
Six Gang Switch Module
Eight Gang Switch Module
Voswitch Programmable Eight Gang Switch Panel
Switch-Pros Bluetooth Programmable Switch Panel
sPOD Bantam Touchscreen Expandable

The price includes free shipping in the USA. To order this item, you can private message me here on the forum or email me at: AbelComponents@yahoo.com Please include the model year of your truck, because there's a difference for the rear axle connector.


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