Abel Components Full SmartBar Bypass® $699

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Abel Components Full SmartBar Bypass® $699

Post by Retired BLM Rig » Sun Feb 07, 2021 3:26 am

Abel Components Full SmartBar Bypass® - $699
The Full SmartBar Bypass combines the Locker Bypass and the Sway Bar Bypass into one component that still uses all the factory switches and is completely plug and play with no cutting or splicing of any factory wires. It gives you full control of the lockers and disconnecting sway bar, at any speed, in any transfer case range. It works on 2006-2018 Power Wagons (NOTE: This does not work on 2005 or 2019+ trucks). Installation takes 3-4 hours depending on your skill level and specific configuration.


There is an issue with the 2013-2018 4th Gen trucks due to wiring harness changes that occurred in those years to accommodate the CAN-Bus system. Because of these changes I can't control the "Sway Bar Connected" indicator light, so it's always illuminated even if the sway bar is disconnected.

For 2006-2018 trucks, this is what your dash switch would look like for highway use.
For 2013-2018 trucks, this is what your dash switch would look like for off road use.

On 2006-2012 trucks the switches all indicate normally.

For 2005 the standard Locker Bypass and Sway Bar Bypass will work to give you full control. 2005 is the only year that came with a separate factory sway bar switch and I've tried multiple times to make it work, only to end in frustration.

On 2019+ trucks these systems are controlled on the high speed CAN-Bus data stream and not with traditional switches. The only way to modify these systems on a 2019+ truck is to change the software (I'm not a software guy) or hardwire them with dedicated switches. The standard Abel Components Sway Bar Bypass works perfectly on 2019+ trucks. I also offer hardwired locker harnesses if you want to use your own switches.

As all of these trucks age and these systems fail and parts become obsolete, this is a viable option to restore proper function using the factory switches. Even if your locker/sway bar system is completely dead with no lights on the factory switch, I can build a kit that will bring it back to life for less than half the cost of a new Final Drive Control Module/SmartBar.

To order any of the components that I offer here, contact me at: AbelComponents@yahoo.com :patriot:

A portion of the sale of these products is donated to Power Wagon Registry each month. :winchmob:
For 2013-2018, this is what your dash switch would look like for off road use.
For 2006-2018, this is what your dash switch would look like for highway use.

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Re: Abel Components Full SmartBar Bypass® $699

Post by PWJouster » Mon Feb 08, 2021 9:43 am

Abel just took 4th gens to the moon.
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Re: Abel Components Full SmartBar Bypass® $699

Post by LockedandLoaded » Mon Feb 15, 2021 11:09 am

Just got mine installed. This is how the truck should have been from the factory! :cheers:

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