2008 Correct TPMS sensors

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2008 Correct TPMS sensors

Post by UncleYarbie » Wed Jan 04, 2023 2:52 pm

Seems like I'm doing most of the posting here lately.....

I've got an '08 PW G56 and when I purchased it the previous owner had told me one of the TPMS sensors was the incorrect one. It's got the pull through style not the screw in style. I also purchased the 2008 FSM and it specifically states to not use the blue but only the green sensors. There's tons of replacements that are black/ grey/ blue and the like in ebay. I'm trying to figure out which ones will work correctly. Has anyone had luck with the grey or black screw on sensors?

2008 PW QC G56

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Re: 2008 Correct TPMS sensors

Post by RustyPW » Thu Jan 05, 2023 7:58 pm

My '08 had the screw on sensors.
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Re: 2008 Correct TPMS sensors

Post by Retired BLM Rig » Sun Jan 08, 2023 8:47 pm

TPMS sensors come in many shapes, sizes and colors these days. They are available either "programmed" or "unprogrammed". If you buy an unprogrammed sensor, you'll need the programming tool to tell it the year, make and model vehicle that it's going to be communicating with, so it uses the correct frequency. Most tire shops, rather than stocking a hundred different sensors, will just have generic sensors that they can program to each vehicle.

If you buy the programmed sensors, you'll still need to tell the TPMS module the serial numbers of the new sensors, to establish communication. Any professional scan tool (Snap-On, Autel, Matco) should have the ability to register new serial numbers into the TPMS module (mine does). Just write down the serial number and wheel position (L/F, R/F, R/R, L/R) for each sensor when you install them, then enter those numbers using the scan tool. Any tire shop should be able to help you with adding new sensors to your truck.

After 14 years, the batteries in my OE sensors were slowly dying, one at a time, so when the second sensor died, I replaced the others as well. The shop I worked at had the programming tool, so I just bought the generic, unprogrammed sensors for $30 each and after programming and registering them to the TPMS module it worked fine. My truck came with metal screw in valve stems as well.

Some newer vehicles have the logic to recognize when a new sensor appears within its radius and automatically start communicating with it after a few miles of driving.

With all that being said... you'll probably have the best luck with Mopar sensors. It looks like #56029319AC has a rubber stem and #68406535AA has a metal, screw in stem.


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