305/70R18 rubbing 2011 PW. Solutions?

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305/70R18 rubbing 2011 PW. Solutions?

Post by 605Wagon » Sun Sep 12, 2021 10:57 pm


I am having unanticipated rubbing with my new tire/wheel combo.

How do I fix this??

2011 PW, all stock.

Just installed Cooper STT Pro 305/70R18’s on Raceline Scout 18x9 wheels.

I’m getting some rubbing on the rear of the fender liner at partial lock just on pavement and also hitting the control arms at full lock.

I had read on several sites that 35’s would fit a stock PW with no rubbing. So I am having a few thoughts about why I’m having a problem.

My first thought is that these tires are listed at 35.1” actual diameter by Cooper as compared to 34.5” or so for most 35x12.5R17 tires I see. Is that extra 1/2” the problem?

The wheels have 18mm offset which if I understand correctly should push the tires out away from the truck an extra 1/2” or so…did I need even less offset (like closer to 0)?

In any case these are the wheels and tires I have now and I love STT Pro’s so I’m sticking with them I just need to fix the rubbing.

Is a leveling kit helpful? New coils or spacers?

Do I need to use wheel spacers? I don’t really want to but don’t know how else to fix the full lock rub on the control arms.

Fender Flares? I really don’t want to do that.

Any advice appreciated

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