Flashing locker lights

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Flashing locker lights

Post by ThomasKeife » Wed Sep 08, 2021 2:07 pm

So a while back my power wagon's lights on the control knob for the front and rear lockers started flashing while driving with switch/knob in off position like they where trying to engage. I tried researching online and found it could be an indication of a few different things. Possibly a bad switch, connection, dirty magnets, bad unicorn blood in axels, etc. Unable to fix it myself I decided to go back to dealer where power wagon was purchased. Of course warranty just expired so I'm paying out of pocket at my own expense for technicians to learn about the power wagon's systems it feels like. So far they replaced the oil and cleaned magnetics, front locker module and the entire smart bar assembly because they said the locker module shorted out and fried the smart bars computer board supposedly, I have yet to see the old parts. Also these parts could not be purchased separately to just fix what was broken as the electronic parts are sold attached to the smart bar only $2900. So after all this and almost $4000 later the locker lights are still flashing and the lockers cannot be used for more than a few seconds before disengaging on their own. Lights on knob are still flashing as soon as truck is started and driven regardless of switch position on or off. Please help!?

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Re: Flashing locker lights

Post by UncleYarbie » Sun Dec 18, 2022 8:27 pm

According to the FSM the locker flashing light could be caused by a bad/faulty magnet, smart bar connection issues or. I've had this issue on my '08 since purchasing. I would suggest doing like most have and eliminating the smart bar entirely and using the Abel Component kit. I'm planning on putting one in mind and haven't heard a bad word about them. On top of the fact it gives you the ability to lock the rear in 2wd like the newer trucks do.

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Re: Flashing locker lights

Post by Idaho RC » Mon Dec 19, 2022 5:43 pm

I have the locker and sway bar system by Abel on my 2017. I love the way they work. Super happy with them!

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