2014+ Steering Upgrade

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2014+ Steering Upgrade

Post by djgaston » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:20 am

We offer the only upgraded steering linkage for the 2014+ trucks. We sell the fire out of these but I am still seeing way too many Power Wagons with stock steering under their rigs, so I'm posting this again in it's own thread.

2" OD x .250" wall DOM tie rod
1.5" OD x .250" wall DOM drag link
4140 chromoly tapered bolts for a totally bolt-in install
303 stainless misalignment hardware
4130 chromoly 7/8" shank heim joints
The linkage is powdercoated semi gloss black

This is a product that really sells itself, I'm not going to spend a ton of time on describing it. It's huge, it is insanely strong compared to the stock junk, it bolts right in. It's harder to adjust but once you set it, you don't have to mess with it again because there is no adjuster to jump threads. We have a lot of guys who keep the factory tie rod (knuckle to knuckle) but run our drag link for the extra misalignment, if your suspension has more travel than stock you really need to address that one way or another. We have had several customers call us in a panic when their stock steering lets go, they don't want to put it back on and have us overnight them a new linkage. At one point, Ram didn't even have the steering in stock and we were the only place in the world selling replacements - that was nice. 8-) When you look at the factory linkage, it looks huge. But where they break is the adjuster on the tie rod, near the driver side knuckle. It doesn't take a lot to bend or break the tie rod. The drag link adjuster is really good, but the TREs are the same old garbage the older trucks had. The only thing that changed is the material used to connect the TREs. What you get with our linkage is pure strength, and nothing extra. No gimmicks. Your alignment tech will probably complain but you'll only have to see him once (as long as he does it right, and tightens your jam nuts :lol: )

Full linkage (tie rod and drag link both): http://store.dodgeoffroad.com/Dodge-Off ... p_166.html
Drag link only: http://store.dodgeoffroad.com/Dodge-Off ... p_229.html
Stabilizer clamp:

The only complaint we have ever gotten on this linkage is that the tie rod can flop up and down if you are going fast off road, if you guys know Holman Offroad, Jeff was the one who told me about that issue. For those who think they will be desert racing, we can make you a straight tie rod that is 1.5" OD x .400" wall, and it will not move at all. We run the 2" OD for everyone else because it matches the factory steering linkage OD (nobody wants to buy one that is smaller than stock, even if it's stronger - it also works with all the dual stabilizer clamps the diesel bros have to have) and because it's easier to make. The .400" wall stuff mentioned above is sleeved and the tube adapters are hard to get, so we don't do that unless it's necessary for a race truck or someone who just really wants it.

Any questions, feel free to ask.
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