2015 PW 30k Mile 4wd Service?

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2015 PW 30k Mile 4wd Service?

Post by TVIXpaulSPY » Fri Apr 09, 2021 12:31 pm

32k miles on my 2015 PW, normally have the dealer do the oil changes, with coupons, it comes out about the same if I was to do it myself. Had the wife drop it off, got a call an hour later and was told that I should do the 30k four wheel drive service because of the miles on the truck, 32k. The advisor was peddling it for 350-400$. Didn't really understand what he was saying it would cover, bad cell connection.

I don't have the manual on me since it is in the trucks glove compartment. Tried searching internet for 2500 Power Wagon 30k mile service. Did really see anything solid except from other dealerships.

What is the 30k mile 4wd service? Do I need it? Is it something that can be readily done by a consumer (like an oil change)?

Just had it with some of these "maintenance services"? I know on our cars it usually is BS and just a way of getting money out of the consumer.

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