GDPR Power Wagon Registry Compliance

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GDPR Power Wagon Registry Compliance

Post by AceMan » Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:46 pm

As everyone may be aware of, the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) were approved in the EU and went into effect on May 25, 2018.

What it Covers and the Penalties for not Complying:
Basically, it no uncertain terms, an EU citizen has the right to request a business, no matter where in the world, to remove any and all of their personal data that the business or entity may be storing. If the business or entity doesn't comply within one calendar month of the request, then the business or entity can be fined up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 Million (whichever is greater).

Breach Notification:
As you've heard in the news, there have been at least 15 security breaches between Jan, 2017, and July, 2018, that are known. You can see the list here: ... -4#delta-4
Under the GDPR, breach notification will become mandatory in all member states where a data breach is likely to “result in a risk for the rights and freedoms of individuals”. This must be done within 72 hours of first having become aware of the breach. Data processors will also be required to notify their customers, the controllers, “without undue delay” after first becoming aware of a data breach.

Many US websites went dark in the EU that day, because frankly, their legal staff weren't exactly sure if their companies are totally ready and in compliance, so rather than learn the hard way and face possible fines, they removed their presence from the EU. More on that, here: ... 1527242038

Data Protection Department (Legal Team)
Many companies now have a Data Protection department. You may not of heard of that new term, but you may be familiar with, "Legal Department." Yep, same thing, but a step further. DP officers must be IT engineers at the same time must be an attorney, along with an additional 8 years of legal studies, to get that role. There are many companies right now that are looking for a DP officer, because there really aren't that many out there right now. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will refer to our DP team.

Power Wagon Registry Forum GDPR Compliance
As for as Power Wagon Registyr Forum, and the Registry, we will immediately comply with any GDPR request by an EU citizen, or even requests by non-EU citizens. If you would like your data removed, sure, no problem. Just contact one of the admins via a Private Message with your request and include the follwing:

  • Your personal email address
  • Full home address (not a PO Box)
  • Phone number
  • Forum userID

We'll then contact you to confirm that it's accurate and we know it's really you. Once that is done, we'll gladly remove all instances of your personal data, along with posts, etc.

For more info:
GDPR Key Changes

Thank you.

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