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RAM-Mount laptop mount

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2023 3:03 am
by Mule
No-drill kit mounts to existing bolt features, in this case the two on the front passenger seat.
Leveling up my offgrid shitposting skills. :rockon:

Pretty straightforward. Using the offset bracket makes the installation a little more difficult since the left seat bolt is right behind the bracket, and you can't secure the offset bracket with the mount plate on the truck.

Build up the tough-tray and ball/brackets on the bench. Wedge on the vertical post slides into the post on the bracket, making it somewhat easy to remove if you don't want the entire thing in place.
Had to model/3d-print a quick shim/spacer to really lock everything down, there's one joint that I couldn't get tight without that shim.

Add wiring - power and ethernet. Power brick for the laptop hides under the center console, power plugs into the 120v/inverter. Ether chases in loom with the power cable and goes to the truck's router.

Couple small items on the punchlist, RAM makes a couple of clamps with flat features that allow the laptop to close easily, got some of those on order.
Otherwise the kit should serve me well. Also nice that I can rotate the tray 90° and use it to clamp a clipboard in place.

Also installed a hold-down anchor in the bed where the satellite dish tripod sets up. Allows me to go straight down from the tripod head to the bed, eliminating the spider-web of tiedowns I used to use. H-frame under the bed secures it to the horizontal brackets giving it additional support.
Coax in the back corner goes into the cab...

Found a spot for the terminal behind the center console. Fits nice and tight to the platform my gearbag sits on.
Couple of DC-DC converters arrived today, should be able to run those right off 12v and not need the power losses of the inverter. Hopefully I can squeak out a few more hours of runtime from my battery box.

Re: RAM-Mount laptop mount

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2023 9:00 am
by Mule007
Mule: nice set up! Thanks for the pictures. Have a Great New Year!

Re: RAM-Mount laptop mount

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2023 3:22 pm
by RustyPW