2018 PW wheel and tire fitment Toyo rt 35 Method 17

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2018 PW wheel and tire fitment Toyo rt 35 Method 17

Post by PWJouster » Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:16 pm

decided on the Toyo Rt.

going into this build, i had experience with two JKUR wrangler builds and 35 inch tires. i always wanted to put BFG k02s on a pickup but ultimately, the toyo rt makes the most sense.

i knew going into this, an E load range tire was what i needed, but looking at load inflation tables, my use, my setup, and tire choices, it came down to two tires.


i also came upon the dilemma of tire size choices and was stuck on 35 vs 37. ultimately it came down to clearing without trimming, my on road daily driving and aggressive driving nature. i wouldnt mind the fast wear nature of the BFG ko2, but i hear the E toyos are built of concrete, and on a heavy duty, yes please. with a 35(34.5) E i still have 8.75 inches between the road and bottom of the rim..this should kick ass.

35X12.50R17LT---1875(25) 2155(30) 2405(35C) 2625(40) 2840(45) 3000(50D) 3065(55) 3130(60) 3195(65E)

Running 45PSI front and 35PSI rear

the 35s made the most sense to me- no AEV procal or tire size computer modifier exists to date. i already hate the transmission. daily highway drive. Crap stock steering joints/bushings

already added a Power Commander throttle amplifier and IT IS 100% NEEDED AND RECOMMENDED.

i knew all along i wanted method NVs. the AEV Salta was a top contender, but i thought if i ever step up to a 37, the method with its offest/backspace was the better choice for me.

17x8.5 4.75"
TOYO RT 35x12.5/17

Rub on the rear lower plastic liner that juts out near the bottom outside corners of the front wheel wells. about 50% to full lock it rubs.
only on slight off camber/uneven turns or with passenger. no wear yet, and i didnt want to chop anything because my lift is only a couple months away. no body modification if possible!
you could not offroad without constant rubbing. at least i wouldnt....i guess the AEV salta may clear 35s on the PW, but i believe you still need a lift to offroad with this setup.
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