2013 PW Starter Kit

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2013 PW Starter Kit

Post by Power Wagon Texan » Thu Jun 18, 2020 8:40 pm

I'm going a lil stir crazy trying to make decisions for my build. After getting stuck in the middle of no where with the family (winch works good) I'm ready to start upgrading.

The know: Functional PW upgrades to allow for 37s without breaking my bank but provides a starting point for future upgrades. I've literally lurked for 7 years thinking about this and now it's here I'm having a bit of anxiety.

The how: no clue 😅, can't even decide on tires. I'm wanting to use AEV rims as a starting point. I'm not afraid of trimming, but I'll hit a shop for that because ain't no way I'm gonna cut sheet metal on my girl.
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Re: 2013 PW Starter Kit

Post by KevinABQ » Sun Jun 21, 2020 8:37 pm

Toyo MTs are never a bad option.

On 14s and later you can run them with stock wheels, though they will rub against the suspension at full lock.
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Re: 2013 PW Starter Kit

Post by TommyG » Mon Jun 22, 2020 9:19 am

I am running Thuren Control Arms and a Thuren track bar on my 2012. No other suspension mods (yet). I have 37x12.50x17 Toyo RTs on the OEM wheels with that setup. They rub the rear of the fender well a little which is fixed with trimming. They also rub the sway bar or control arm at full lock with the stock wheels. The additional offset from the AEV wheels will help out with that. You can run that setup with no other mods and it will do amazing things for you. It is also a good first step for other suspension mods later. Still saving pennies for Thuren Springs, Shackles and King Shocks for mine. Some day...

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Re: 2013 PW Starter Kit

Post by 13powerwagon » Tue Jun 23, 2020 7:58 pm

I have a 13 as well. Im on 2” coils with Thuren short arms and track bar, have AEV wheels as well. With 37” toyo rts I had rubbing on the sway bar and the rear plastic fender. Did lots of plastic trimming. There is a wiring harness on the drivers side that the tire gets really close to. Rear is a bigger issue. With the AEV wheels, the tire ripped the fender flare off and damaged the bed under flex. Switched to 35s because of it. I now have Thuren LT leafs to push the axle back to help with bed contact. Im putting 37” hankook dynapro mts on stock wheels this week. Another member on here had good luck with that setup with minimal trimming so im hoping to have the same results.
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