Dicks Sporting Goods.................

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Re: Dicks Sporting Goods.................

Post by TwinStick » Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:59 pm

Well, maybe in your state. Not so sure about others. Seems to be a feel-good, knee jerk reaction society we live in these days, unfortunately. :roll:

My money says, the next attack on the NRA & gun rights will be in the courts........trying to bankrupt them in legal costs. Pass a law that is illegal......then make the NRA take them to court, time after time after time. :shock:
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4Runner was a GREAT vehicle but could not even tow our 6x10 enclosed utility trailer comfortably, even when it was empty-ish.

It was time. Truck was still leaking BADLY every time it rained or snowed & melted. It was leaking at every single gasket (rear window, front window, all 4 doors). You could sit inside & watch it run down the inside of windshield, rear window & drip off the upper side door beams. It was molding on the inside & starting to stink. Needed new steering gearbox, shocks, new upgraded T-style steering, tires, brake lines, d/s manifold bolts that are barely recognizable due to rust-removed & replaced. Everyone around here would not even touch em once they looked at them.

So, say what you will. PW turned into a money pit. Was no longer a joy to drive. Hoping that this downsized 4x4 with lockers will fill the bill & have minimal problems, but..... As long as manufacturers keep making engineers design things that fail soon after warranty is up, we are going nowhere fast. Regardless of what you buy. :rockon:

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Re: Dicks Sporting Goods.................

Post by RustyPW » Mon Mar 26, 2018 9:39 pm

Well, Remington filed for bankruptcy. Low sells and lawsuits from Sandy Hook. :angry:
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Re: Dicks Sporting Goods.................

Post by Ducky's Dad » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:20 pm

Remington's BK is a reorganization to relieve them of acquisition debt. They will restructure and stay around.

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