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Test drive-2017 Subaru Outback 3.6R

Postby TwinStick » Sat Apr 01, 2017 2:23 pm

What a fun car. Night and day difference between the 2.5i. Had plenty of pep. Felt VERY solid. No squeaks, rattles or noises. We test drove a 2.5i & it was pathetic IMO. Felt like the engine was always working at it's maximum. The 3.6R hauled ass & felt like it wasn't even trying hard. Dealer got 6 of them (3.6R) in on Thurs. We went Thurs night to test drive one. 4 of them were already sold. It had all friggin kinds of sensors, warning chimes, warning bells. Definitely don't like all that crap but it seems as if all vehicles have that stuff on them. I think we can order one without it though but will have to wait 12 weeks or more for delivery. No hurry on our end. Wife has 10 working days left. I'm thinking she is leaning hard towards a Subaru Outback. We will look for another vehicle that can pull the camper after that is paid off.
2008 Red QC PW G56. No lift yet, stock size tires. It pulls a 2016 Starcraft AR One Extreme, 3500 lbs.
Load Pro 35 helper springs. 2015 A.R.E. MX Series custom cap. PCP front diff cover protector. Mag-Hytec 6 qt rear diff cover. K&N replacement air filter only. Dual grounded throttle body. Winch TPC bypass. Fab Four rear bumper. DURA BAK lined rocker protection. And a bunch of new front end stuff.

G-56 Gear ratios: 1st) 6.29:1 2nd) 3.48:1 3rd) 2.10:1 4th) 1.38:1 5th) 1.0:1 6th) 0.79:1 Rev 6.29:1 --- = 78.01613:1 Crawl Ratio
-------------------------5.94:1--------3.28:1-------1.98:1-------1.31:1-------1.0:1-------0.74:1-----5.42:1 ---- = 73.675:1
545RFE----------------3.0:1---------1.67:1--------1.0:1--------0.75:1-------0.67:1------------------3.0:1 -------=37.21:1

2013+ 32.47 crawl ratio...............Can you see the trend ??????????????
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