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Re: Gears?

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 4:34 pm
by Jpatt
Does anyone have a straight up parts list for a noob like myself, who has never re-geared anything other than dirtbikes, for 5.13's in a 2016 Tradesman Power Wagon? I have been reading through this thread and searching a bit but trying to make sure I order correctly as I live On Maui and every time I mess up on a part order its a minimum 3 week long mistake hahaha.

I currently am running 37's and this heavy girl is fast like molasses, lugs terribly, doesn't like to downshift and is overall annoying the hell out of me... I am thinking 5.13's first, programmer second...and maybe I'll replace some assumed broken exhaust studs soon to get rid of the frickin exhaust leak sound on this almost new damn truck!

Mahalos in advance gentlepeople (2019, I'd hate to assume your gender lol)

Re: Gears?

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:46 pm
by KevinABQ
Did you reprogram for tire size, or have the dealer do it?

If not you should try that first. That will adjust some things in terms of shift points and such that might greatly improve your experience. And it’s like an hour of non-warranty service at the dealer. You can also buy alfaobd, the Bluetooth interface and a cheap fire for like twice the cost of having the dealer do it and have a decent programmer too, but wheel size is change is a bit complex, and I screwed it up.

Gear change seem to be both pretty expensive and either pretty technically demanding to do yourself or expensive to get someone who can be trusted to do it right.

Re: Gears?

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:34 pm
by Jpatt
Yes, I installed the Procal and set it for 37' did help a little bit but not much. I am actually starting to think that when the dealer did the trans solenoid recall they may have reset my ecm...I really ought to re-set with procal. Anyone know if it's possible my truck could have been programmed to think it had 3.73's instead of the factory PW 4.10's? I thought about setting the procal to 4.10's but was fearful it might go into limp mode or something.

I did contact and after a myriad of questions (such as this gem: "Is your Power Wagon a 1500 or 2500? Diesel or Gas? Manual or automatic?" :lol: ) I got a full part number and cost breakdown. I'll add the text from the JD list below:

"GM9.25-513R-NG 9.25' GM AAM IFS 5.13 REV R&P (Also 07+ Dodge Ram Front) 299.00
MKGM9.25-SAL 9.25' GM IFS KIT, 11+ Salisbury (Incl Stub Axle Brgs & Seals) 9.00 279.99
AAM11.5-513-NG 11.5' AAM 5.13 R&P 450.00
MKAAM11.5-B AAM Dodge, Ram HD Master Overhaul Kit, 2014+ w/o Aisin 395.00
Trans, Fits Aftermarket 11.5" R&P

Total 1423.99

Re: Gears?

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:48 pm
by TankerZak
When you set the Procal you can't just set it for 37s. Basically download a GPS app to your phone, measure your tires, and then test drive and adjust until your mph from the gps is within +/- 1mph of the speedometer. Also, you might need the dealer to do the transmission relearn if it was never done after that solenoid recall.

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