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[VIDEO] How-To Hard Wire Lockers

Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:13 am
by OffroadTreks
Just wanted to put this video in a formal place. We have this section of the site now.
phpBB [video]

Clickable link for Tapatalk

This is not a definitive guide. It's just how I got it done when I was in a hurry. My locker/sway bar system took a dump two weeks before we left for PWIM and I was on a time crunch. But this is a way you can get it done in about an hour or two.

Hopefully, this is useful for some folks.

Also, sorry, but this was recorded as an Instagram Story first before it made it's way to YouTube.

Re: [VIDEO] How-To Hard Wire Lockers

Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:14 am
by OffroadTreks
And if you comment about solder and heat shrink, suck it. Those are blue sea watertight butt connectors. :thppt: And it's been since April 2018, still working. :thppt:

A few additional thoughts. Yes, I could trace those back to the smart bar and do my wiring there. But, I encountered duplicate wires on my truck. Well they looked the same in that harness. Green/Yellow and I didn't want to spend time probing them. If you want to spend time figuring it out, and can share a diagram, go for it.

For myself, I wanted to get it done quickly, and effectively. And going straight to each axle eliminates any problem in between with that harness for me.