Idle Up Feature for winching

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Re: Idle Up Feature for winching

Post by TwinStick » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:39 pm

FordyceCreekTrail wrote:
Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:41 am
Biggest winch so far I have had is 10K. But lets be perfectly clear, never been a fan of Warn Winches. Back when I started winching in the late 80s early 90's you had Ramsey and Warn. And either would last 0-3 uses(0 was COMMON for Warn, even rescued a ranger with a new, un-used, dead Warn) then need to be thrown away, not worth even rebuilding. (yes Warn had an old winch that is famous to this day, but not built then) Those winches had staggering electric draws as well. For years I went to slow hydraulic winches. Then other companies started rolling out quality winches. I own a T-max for example.(other then crappy remote no issues) Years after Warn started rolling out an endless ocean of new models, finally leading to very reliable, durable and water proof ones. All be it at a premium cost.

Anyhow no vehicle can handle these larger winches with out some upgrade. But contrast the 12K T-max vs Warn, 370 vs 440 amps. So this Warn is hungry for Amps. With Duals it will only be a 60 amp difference with some throttle. That is not bad at all. I agree, even with a less hungry winch duals for the cost should be standard. And maybe checking that box gets you the idle up flash as well....Oh and you want to go 16.5Ti? Thats a 507 max amp draw :jawdrop: And you want to have some lights on at night while winching.... :P
Don't be fooled by the 12k lb rating. The specs are the same as the 15k M15000. We think it is de-rated for liability reasons (or electrical reasons). I know when I added the 2nd battery, my winch worked 100% better. Before the 2nd batt, under load, you could hear the winch motor lugging. Not any more. Even under load, there is no change in the sound of the motor. It is either on or off, no more lugging. Then after that, I added the 270 amp alt & some 2/0 Ga welding cable (1250+ individual copper wires), (in addition to the stock wireing) & a 300 amp fuse. I have had no issues since.
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G-56 Gear ratios: 1st) 6.29:1 2nd) 3.48:1 3rd) 2.10:1 4th) 1.38:1 5th) 1.0:1 6th) 0.79:1 Rev 6.29:1 --- = 78.01613:1 Crawl Ratio
-------------------------5.94:1--------3.28:1-------1.98:1-------1.31:1-------1.0:1-------0.74:1-----5.42:1 ---- = 73.675:1
545RFE----------------3.0:1---------1.67:1--------1.0:1--------0.75:1-------0.67:1------------------3.0:1 -------=37.21:1

2013+ 32.47 crawl ratio...............Can you see the trend ??????????????

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Re: Idle Up Feature for winching

Post by yellowranger1 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:46 pm

Retired BLM Rig wrote:
Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:42 am
Found this PDF on The last line on the PDF has direct application to this thread and is sad if true.

"The idle up function is not available and cannot be added to any other than the vehicles listed above. It is not available on Pickup trucks." :cry:
So can anyone that owns a newer hemi truck confirm the high idle feature works, or is it in fact not available on pick ups any longer as stated above? Tried to engage it on mine and wasn't surprised when it didn't work lol. When 4lo is engaged, the rpm bumps up some, so seems like it should be possible. It would be a nice feature to have, my buddy has it on his cummins and uses it while running his compressor.

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Re: Idle Up Feature for winching

Post by FordyceCreekTrail » Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:25 pm

If I ever get my truck the dealer shop is going to hook it up and look.
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