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Stick with stock size tires for towing?

Postby cstamm81 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:44 pm

Hi guys, new to the forum, looks like a great place. I have a 2015 PW Laramie with 40k miles. The stock tires are shot, time for new. I told myself I would keep this truck stock for a few years, and am trying to resist the urge to up the tire size. I do a decent amount of towing with the truck, and my camper weighs close to 11K so it's not lightweight towing. That said, from a towing standpoint, would I be best to stick with stock size tires? As I understand it the speedo will calibrate itself with larger tires? I generally hate to go oversized tires as it messes up shift points, but with the auto in this truck the shift points already leave a lot to be desired. I have no intention of lifting the truck in any way, but prefer the look of filled out wheel wells. Any opinions on stock vs 1 size up for towing with these beasts?
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Re: Stick with stock size tires for towing?

Postby Z's2016PW » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:28 pm

Other than maybe losing a little mpg go with the 35's. You get a tougher tire which should be E rated. The psi will still be at 65 so you won't get beat up. Fills in the wheel wells better. Your speedo will be off until you get a Procal or hypertech. I say go for it! Yes, I do tow with 35s.
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Re: Stick with stock size tires for towing?

Postby MikeKey » Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:28 pm

First, welcome! Great advice above. I too have a 2015 PW Laramie, and tow regularly. However, my trailer doesn't weight nearly as much as yours.


I upgraded to Toyo Open Country AT's in 35's awhile ago. E-Rated tire and usually inflate to the recommended 60/65 when towing. To be honest, it's an improvement. The stiffer sidewalls just feel better from my perspective. Power loss wasn't really noticeable and the MPG hit has been negligible. It hasn't impacted my towing experience at all.

The speedo will not calibrate itself. But you can pick up an AEV ProCal for $170 bucks. It's a great deal.
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Re: Stick with stock size tires for towing?

Postby Bill2014 » Tue Jul 18, 2017 5:36 am

Stock tire size works fine for towing :doh: I tow 15k.
If you're only towing 11k, I'd imagine 35's with a strong sidewall will work too. :wink:
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