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'16 2500 factory service manual

Postby cb1987 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:54 pm

anybody bought the cd manual ? thinking of buying one so i can do some maintenance myself but ive read mixed reviews whether its worth $200+. surely it has to be better than a chilton book which isnt worth the crap paper its printed on.

also i read something about a site where you pay $30 and have acess to the FSM for 3days. but i dont if it lets you print pages and if so maybe theres a limit on how many pages can be printed. anybody have info on this ?

anyways im going to pull the cover off the rear diff and put in new fluid and clean out any metal particles that may be floating about. looking for the cover bolt torq. found some sites that said the manual calls for 30lbft but supposedly some people had sheared some bolt heads so 20-25lbft is more recomended. aam site says 24-33lbft. figured 25lbft would be a good middle ground. this sound about right ?
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