VIN Decoder question.

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VIN Decoder question.

Post by desertbenny » Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:37 pm

Tried the VIN Decoder and while most of it made sense, just wondering do these trucks start out as something completely different and then sent to a special Power wagon assembly line? Unless the truck I bought someone went through a lot of time and money cloning a PW down to the last detail.

2 C Make Chrysler
3 6 Vehicle Type Incomplete without Side Airbag
4 T Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
5 R Vehicle Line Ram Pickup 2500 4X2
6 5 Series 4000 DX Family
7 E Body Style
8 J Engine 4.7L V8 High Output Gasoline
9 8 VIN validation check digit 8
10 E Model Year
11 G Plant Location Saltillo Assembly


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