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2016 mod questions

Postby Timgco » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:49 pm

500 miles into this 2016 and loving it! Ordered up the SPOD, Traxda 1 1/2" front and 1" rear along with the DDM headlights.
I plan to get AEV Katla wheels and BFG tires soon. 35" BFG KO2's are what I ran on my 14PW with a 18X9 5"bs wheels. The 35" Toyo MTs rubbed too much so made that switch with a little trimming. No lift though.

Looking to go 37" KO2's on this build but concerned about fully flexed out and stuffing. I plan to do the pinch weld cut and re-shape the plastic this time with the leveling kit.

Anyone running this set up and flexed it up all way?
2016 Laramie Power Wagon
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