Spring Plink, Drink n Trek

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Spring Plink, Drink n Trek

Post by BANGG » Wed May 28, 2014 10:37 pm

I wanted to pass this on to all here who might be interested in an event like this. I put on each year an event I call the Spring, Plink, Drink n' Trek. It is always on Memorial Weekend at my house. This year was the first at a new venue as I had moved last year. I also did not have it in 2013 as I was in the process of moving. I do it for the benefit of the members of Northwest Overland (northwestoverland.com) but after this years event last week wish to open it up to others. I realize it is perhaps too much of a haul for many for a four day event, but would like to toss this out there for those who might be interested in attending next year.

This year there were 29 adults, 5 children, 16 rig's, 5 dog's and 12 clay's shooters. The place I lease for this can hold a lot more than that. Needless to say this year's event was an overwhelming success. There were a few hiccups being the first year at a new venue, but I learned from them and will tweek everything next year and in the years to come.

below is the event description I posted on northwestoverland.com for you to read and see if it is something you might be interested in. Next year I anticipate doubling the participation. If after reading this you are curious please feel free to post up any questions. or, if you prefer you can send me a private message.

There is always a ton of shooting, ton of drinking and it includes a half day off-road trip! The cool thing is it is in a remote place that is private property and as such no driving is required as you camp (on grass) right there so you never have to worry about drinking and driving. The shooting is pretty much wide open as well. Things changed from below as needed but the description is still pretty accurate.

Anyway, it is a bit early to be thinking about this but plenty of notice is always a good idea!

2014 Spring Plink, Drink N’Trek!!
Memorial Weekend 2014

First, let me apologize for the length of this description. I like to be thorough. And since there is gun play, drinking, cussing, the potential for harm and such I feel it best to be thorough!!

Gentlemen, it’s been a couple of years now since the first event. Now that I am settled again this, once again, annual event is on again. And, YES, it will be an annual event from here on out! This year’s event will be much like the last as it went very smooth and all had a good time. At least I think you did! Below you will find notes and a tentative schedule for the event. As well as some “rules”. I use that term loosely as I am not a fan of rules!
As those who showed up last time remember, by the time the shooting was over the total poundage of spent brass picked up came in over 42lbs. THAT’S A LOT OF BRASS! With even more lead sent down range. Oh Baby! There’s nothing quite like sling lead!! I hope to top those numbers this year! Come on boys (and girls) I have faith you can top yourselves this time!

The venue for this year will be Central Oregon (near Monument) at a nice place which is both private and very well set-up for shooting and lounging. I will be there the second week in February and will take some pictures of the facilities to post. Please keep in mind this property belongs to one of my oldest and closest friends. I know I don’t have to say this, but please be respectful of his property. I would like for all of us to be invited back in the years to come. Thank you in advance for this!

When I am there in February I am going to take a Lat/Lon reading at the front gate. This will be how you find it. I may or may not post the actual address depending on how many people ask for it. Frankly, if you can’t find it with a simple Lat/Lon coordinate you shouldn’t be “overlanding” in the first place. LOL.

There is a covered shooting area with concrete benches and an adjacent area to play with handguns and rimfires. If my memory serves you can shoot out to near 1000 yards. There is a Dod Gamn hard sporting clay’s course we will be having a contest on. Obviously there is a great area for parking your rigs and setting up camp. For cooking, pooping (real men don’t need a toilet to pee), food storage, BBQ’ing, and food storage there is a lodge there we will have access too. The lodge has bedrooms available on a first come first service basis. However, staying in your rig is encouraged. Come on guys (and gals) you are “overlanders”. Stay in your rig. There are two full baths for use though. I’m not going to be a Nazi about pooping in the woods. LOL. I think you will find the place and area quite beautiful and relaxing. If you don’t, boo hoo to you!! On a side note, if you are not a shooter and would like to fish, the North Fork John Day River is close and has excellent bass and trout fishing.

As you all will remember I don’t have many rules. You are adult’s, and as such, I expect you can handle yourselves appropriately. There will be no formal rules on the range. You all have to police yourselves. That’s how it was last time and it worked great. It made for a fun atmosphere. It will be the same this time! Be respectful of the property, each other, etc. and all will be good. That said any unsafe gun-handling will be dealt with!

Normally I wouldn’t add this to an event post. However, due to the fact this is a shooting event I will add it. You must realize the nearest medical facility to the facility is a two hour drive. It is a long drive if you have been accidentally shot. TRUST ME ON THIS! There are no waivers and crap to sign. But, you must be cognizant of this fact and the fact YOU AND YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF OTHERS during this event. Just be careful and use safe gun handling and off-highway travelling practices. If you are not familiar with these look them up online. There is lots of good information on this subject there, as well as, any number of other sources

Now for the all-important “NOTES” section:
- I AIN’T YOUR DADDY! I DON’T WANT TO BE YOUR DADDY! I’M NOT A COP! I DON’T WANT TO BE A COP!! You are responsible for yourself while at this event. It is all about FUN FUN FUN, camaraderie, good times, good laughs, etc. etc.!! Just have fun. But don’t expect anyone else to take care of you! That is except for feeding and beveraging me! LOL. If anyone were to take it upon themselves to toss me a steak and beer or two I won’t complain. LOL. Just because some have nicknamed me “Lunchable” doesn’t mean I always like them! I’m just saying!
- Bring your own guns, ammo, food, drinks, toilet paper, etc. etc. You are responsible for yourself!
- I suppose kids would be welcome, but truthfully too young and I think you will find it uncomfortable for them and yourself! There will be free-wheeling CUSSIN’, DRINKIN’, BS’ing and so on. If you are worried about that I would suggest leaving them home. If you think they can handle the occasional “issue” then fine. Keep in mind I will not change (nor expect anyone else too) my manners or behavior because children are present. On that same note, nobody there is a babysitter. If a child comes and act’s worse than my dogs (my dogs are pretty well behaved) they will be asked to leave. Please do not take this as harsh or uninviting. I’m just being honest and upfront. I don’t want to feel bad if you show up with your children only to find out it may not be an appropriate venue for young ear’s or eye’s!!
- Dogs are welcome, but please keep them contained. Unless it’s Mike Kelly’s dog. He can do whatever he wants! He’s too cool! I will be bringing my old lab so both can play together Mike. As much as the old boy’s play.
- This is a rain or shine event with no “rain checks”
- This will not be a terribly difficult off-road event. But be prepared regardless. You should be anyway. Right?
- Did I mention I’m NOT your daddy?

Thursday May 22nd - I will get there around noon to set-up and get ready for you lead slinging overlanders. If anyone wants to come in this day you are welcome to.
Thursday evening is for cooking, drinking, cussing and BS'ing around a campfire
Friday May 23rd - show up as you like throughout the day. I will be there regardless. This day is casual and you can shoot, fish, hike, explore or do whatever you want. Like I said, it is a very relaxing place. You can just enjoy the scenery and being away from your lives and cities!
Friday evening is again for cooking, drinking, cussing and BS’ing around a campfire.
Saturday May 24th - ALL-DAY shooting! You can start shooting when you want and stop when you want. There will be a "FUN" competition on the Sporting Clay’s course around 12:00pm. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to and can just keep shooting at the range or whatever. That said, I think you would like it. It is an awesome course. 75 birds total. BRING YOUR SHOTGUN AND SIX BOXES OF SHELLS. More ammo if you like. If enough people show interest in doing this I am going to toss in a few prizes for fun. Trust me, your shoulder will be feeling it that night and for the next day or two. You can also feel free to come in this day if you like!
Saturday evening is again for cooking, drinking, cussing and BS’ing around a campfire with a fun trivia and prize giveaway.
Sunday May 25th - we all get up, eat n drink our coffee, get the rig’s loaded up and head out for a 1/2 day trek. If we get back early enough you are welcome to pull out the guns and start shooting again. I suppose how long the trip takes depends on how many are in the “train”, number of breakdowns, weather, etc. etc. We will just see how it goes! I don’t leave people behind! Period! I will leave a rig behind if necessary. That said, I will always help to go back and get it later. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen! Seriously. It’s sucks to leave a rig.
Sunday evening will be more drinking, cussing and BS’ing! Can you tell I like drinking, cussing and BS’ing? We will also be doing a potluck this night with all bringing a dish for everyone to share! I don’t like cooking! See the earlier comments. LOL
Monday May 26th - we get up, eat, drink coffee, and pack up to leave. We will also be responsible for a general clean-up of the camp site and for picking up spent brass. I know I had this taken care of before by hiring some local kid’s to do this for us. However, they will not be available with the venue change so it is on us now! Before departing we will be holding a “moment of silence” in honor of our fallen, present, past and future soldier’s as it is Memorial Day. While I was not in the military I hold them in the HIGHEST REGARD and feel all should be recognized!! After that we can all say our goodbye's and hit the road back to our regular lives. LOL

- I have a HAM radio and will use it in the front vehicle. I also will carry a GMRS handheld and will have it on. I will try to have someone in the rear with a HAM for the distance communication. If you have either of these radios use em’! Just remember “chatty Cathy’s” are annoying. I don’t remember the oft-used NWOS HAM channel, but will just use that one.
- That is as “technical” as I can get. LOL! Please don’t ask me for GPX tracks, GPS maps, or any other techy stuff. I don’t have them yet. And even if I did I don’t know (or have any desire to figure out) how to get them to you. I’m going to pre-run the two trek’s and save them on my GPS. That’s it!
- I know this may have come across as a bit “abrasive” sounding at times. Perhaps even “mean spirited”? I ASSURE YOU IT IS NOT MEANT THAT WAY AT ALL! I am a pretty amiable fellow. Once you get to know me. I think if you ask anyone who was at the previous events you will find they had a good time and enjoyed it. I only mention some of the above caveat’s so there are few or no surprises for anyone.
- I am also an individual who believes in personal responsibility. And as such, I have no desire to be anyone’s leader, daddy, disciplinarian, or “fun policeman”. I just want to have fun as everybody else.
- If you have any questions or comments you can PM me here. Or, better yet post them up on the forum so all can see them and the responses.

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Re: Spring Plink, Drink n Trek

Post by shaner82 » Thu May 29, 2014 3:13 pm

That sounds like a ton of fun. It's a 40 hour drive for me but I might be interested in making the trek come next year

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