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Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 11:56 pm
by ArmageddonKaine
Hey All,

Sorry if I'm posting in wrong area or even if this applies to this forum. Is anyone using Uconnect/Guardian on their PW? I activated the free subscription and I am having problems with it. The whole Guardian/Uconnect/Moper set up is a convoluted mess. I keep going in circles trying to get help. Anyway, It's installed but only works for a short time after using the phone app after the vehicle has been entered turned on with the key and turned back off. Kind of defeats the purpose. I haven't tested how long after turning off the vehicle it works but after an hour it stops working again. I get errors stating ucoonnect failed to connect. I searched the internet and I see people having similar problems on other Mopar vehicles but there are no solutions. It's like something is being powered for a short time after the PW is turned off then once that goes I can no longer use the app until I go out and start the vehicle again. It's obviously a communication problem. Let me know if anyone else has that problem and how you fixed it. As it stands, I wont waste a cent on this subscription it's so bad but was hoping not to have to carry the spare key and use uconnect as my back up.


Re: Uconnect/Guardian

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 12:54 am
by EasyDoesIt
I'm still within the free period on my 2018 and use it a few times a month when I need to get something out of my truck but the keys are all the way inside. :lol: I've used it on two different android devices (LG V30 and Pixel 3) and although its a bit slow to respond, it does work.

Its gimmicky and I wont be renewing my subscription but it is a cool feature. For us non push to start guys, it could come in handy if you lock the keys in the truck but (knock on wood) I haven't done that in 15+ years.
  • Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app?
  • Confirmed your phone/software version is compatible?
  • Maybe disconnect the PW battery and/or pull the applicable fuses to try and reset the system?