Antigravity Micro Start PX-1 Lithium PPS

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Re: Antigravity Micro Start PX-1 Lithium PPS

Post by Ducky's Dad » Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:38 pm

Check this out on Amazon: ... ge_o02_s00

Looks like a knockoff of the Anti-Gravity units, but there a bunch of copies out there, including the ones now being sold off the Snap-On trucks (marked AllTrade or Astro Pneumatic of something like that). These have become a commodity item, so lots of choices. This InnoLife unit popped up on Amazon as a "Hot Sale" item at $52, net. It is 15,000ma compared to the original Anti-Gravity at 12,000ma, so at that price I had to order one. Tried it today on the PW that has not been started in eight or ten weeks (dead Odyssey). I removed the Odyssey from the truck and clipped the InnoLife to the battery leads (with no battery in the truck). First two tries it turned the engine once and then just clicked the solenoid, but on the third try it fired right up with zero assistance from the truck's own battery. Pretty impressive for $52, so this is going into my wife's car.

I also ordered a new Anti-Gravity XP-10 with 18,000ma and I'll try that one later before I install the new battery in the PW. When I spoke with Anti-Gravity a couple of weeks ago, the Max-36 was still at least a couple of months away and I'm trying to get all the vehicle electrical stuff sorted out on multiple trucks right now, so I just got the XP-10.

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Re: Antigravity Micro Start PX-1 Lithium PPS

Post by Cactus Red » Mon Nov 30, 2015 6:17 pm

Add me to the list of AntiGravity Micro-Start PPS failures.

One of my Power Wagon brothers, BX, called to warn me about them. His suffered the same mode of failure. The battery has swollen and split the case. It still shows a full charge, but there is no way I'm willing to keep it in the JKUR. The unit was purchased 02-05-2014, and was used several times over the 22 months we had it.

I last inspected and charged it in July and it looked just fine.
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Re: Antigravity Micro Start PX-1 Lithium PPS

Post by fbenross » Tue Dec 22, 2015 9:54 pm

I had a dead battery this morning, the inside lamps were on all night, with an old old battery=no juice. Would not even begain to turn over the V-8 in my Tundra. I hooked up my Antigravity, and it started right up. Frist time I've used it, and it worked great. It's an older model too if you can get one cheaper !
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