Aux Reverse Lights on 2020?

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Aux Reverse Lights on 2020?

Post by bamnq6 » Wed Oct 07, 2020 2:55 pm

Hello all-

The LED reverse lights build into the tail-light assemblies on my 2020 leave a lot to be desired. I'm thinking that I'll install some Aux lights up under the rear end of this truck to help out.

Anyone bought an appropriate bracket for the install of these? Are there frame differences on the 2019 + models versus the 2009-2018?

PattonFab has a beefy mount for 09-2018: ... mounts.htm

Baja Designs has a kit with their S2 Sports: ... rts-WC.asp

Thoughts? The S2 Sports seem spendy to me, particularly in this location where there a high probability they'll get bashed on something :roll:

2020 Power Wagon

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